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CigVape Electronic Cigarette and E-Liquid is currently expanding rapidly in the UK and other EU countries. We have a Electronic Cigarette Vending Machine and Wholesale Program available for interested partners who would like to work with us. This program would bring you great profit on your retail sales. Being a partner of CigVape you will benefit from our continuous investments in branding and marketing. CigVape is recognised as a Premium Electronic Cigarette and E-Liquid brand and we have received very positive feedbacks from our customers with regard to the high quality of both our products and services.



There is no limit on how much you can earn in our Vending Machine & Wholesale Program!


CigVape can supply your retail shop or service unit with a modern state of the art automatic Electronic Cigarette and E Liquid Vending Machine COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.  This machine can vend our E-Products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if required. You will be able to earn a high amount of commission from every product sold. Our E-Product vending machines are very modern in design with a slim line appearance and will enhance any retail environment. They measure 159cm High, just 44cm Deep and only 40cm Across and can hold hundreds of vend products. Your customers will love our large E-Product range which they can choose from together with our extremely competitively priced products in every machine.


If you are a trader or already a reseller and decide to buy in our products in bulk we would like to offer our very competitive wholesale prices to you at a significant discount from our website's retail price covering the supply of both Electronic Cigarette and E-Liquid. You can decide the selling costs of CigVape Electronic Cigarette and E-Liquid products totally at your own discretion. Also, we are responsible for any exchange of faulty products (Subject to inspection).


Learn more about what is happening and how exactly it is going to affect Electronic Cigarettes & E-Liquid when the new EU law is introduced by clicking: HERE and download the latest pdf document directly from the European Commission website. You can visit the European Commission website page concerning Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquid and read more on the subject: HERE.


For more details about our E-Product Vending Machine or Wholesale program and how you can benefit from our strong branding and great products, please complete our Affiliate Program application form by clicking HERE. Once completed we will send you a full information pack same day.

CigVape vending machine are supplied and installed completely free if taken as a 'retail package' when selling our E-Liquid & Electronic Cigarette products. However, If you would prefer to purchase a CigVape vending machine to sell our or your own products from then please see more details below.

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There is no limit on how much you can earn in our Vending Machine Program! To purchase our high q..
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