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Evod MT3 - By CigVape

Evod MT3 - By CigVape
Evod MT3 - By CigVape Evod MT3 - By CigVape Evod MT3 - By CigVape Evod MT3 - By CigVape
Brand: CigVape
Product Code: CigVape Evod MT3
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It’s so good… we are proud to put our name on it!

1 x CigVape Evod bottom coil clearomiser complete with coil head.

2ml Capacity
Changable Coil head
Easy to clean
Cheap to maintain (Purchase new atomiser coils when needed, the outer shell is very durable)

How to Use
To fill the Evod clearomiser unscrew the base unit. Hold the clearomiser upside down and fill with approximately 2ml of liquid (along the side of the unit, avoiding the air hole). While it is still upside down screw the coil base back onto the tank. The Evod clearomiser is now ready for use. Once the atomiser head on your Evod clearomiser is burnt out, replace with a new atomiser head. To do this, just unscrew the old atomiser from the Evod's base unit and change over.

Wash the unit with warm water and leave to dry before use.

Can be used with any Ego or Evod style battery.

How to Refill your Evod:

  1. Unscrew your EVOD clearomiser from your battery.
  2. Making sure that your mouthpiece is facing the floor, unscrew the base (part that connects to the battery).
  3. With your chosen CigVape E-Liquid begin to squeeze the fluid down the side of the clearomiser making sure to avoid any e-liquid going down the silver centre pin. You will notice the e liquid beginning to fill the clearomiser cartridge. On the side of the clearomiser there is a viewing window, make sure not to fill above the centre pin.
  4. Once complete, take the base and screw it back on to the device.
  5. Roll the clearomiser around to let the e liquid absorb for 10 seconds, feel free to skip this step after the first refill.
  6. Your CigVape Cigarette is now ready to use. To activate the device please press the battery button 5 times to turn it on; an LED light will flash, and you are ready to go.
  7. To use, hold the battery button down when inhaling, making sure to let go after each drag.

How to change your coil:

  1. After 10-20 refills we suggest you change your coil for a fresh one.
  2. Simply unscrew your battery from your clearomiser.
  3. With your clearomiser mouthpiece facing down to the floor, unscrew the base.
  4. Once your base has been removed, you will see a silver pin coming out of it. This pin is your heating coil. Unscrew the coil and replace with a fresh one.
  5. Fill your Evod Clearomiser with your chosen liquid and attach the base and heating coil.
  6. Roll the clearomiser around to let the e liquid absorb for 10 seconds.

How to charge:

  1. When your battery light flashes and your device stops activating it is ready for charging.
  2. Unscrew your battery from your clearomiser.
  3. Take your charger and screw your battery on (please make sure to not attach too tightly)
  4. Plug your battery in via computer USB or Wall charger. You will see a red light; once this goes solid green you are ready to re-use your battery.

Important: To fully appreciate our E-Liquid taste we recommend that you change your clearomiser coil each time you intend using a new flavour E-Liquid as the taste can be impaired if you mix flavours using the same coil.

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